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I started training with Mike Herman when I was 17 and I'm not exaggerating when I say that he has changed my life.

I was an overweight teenager getting ready to head off to college when I first met Mike.  I'd never really played sports and I didn't know a thing about what to eat.  I needed to lose about 40 lbs.  Within two months of working out with Mike and following his eating plan, I lost 30 lbs, built a lot of lean muscle and started to realize that I actually had some athletic ability.

Not only was I feeling great, but I was also having a blast working out! I would go to his gym just to hang out sometimes.  There's probably just as much laughter as there is weight lifting in any session with Mike, he really knows how to make it all fun and motivate you to push yourself.

As I said, Mike Herman changed my life - when I went away to college, I didn't gain the freshman 15 and I maintained a healthy lifestyle all based around what I learned from Mike.  Without him, I most likely would have gotten heavier and more unhealthy in college and who knows where I'd be now.  Now, 9 years later, I'm 26 and can't imagine a life without working out.  I've kept the weight off for nearly a decade and I owe it all to Mike. Angela before1Angela Now

Angela LaPointe September 22, 2015

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The benefits of working with you were pretty obvious through TJ's numerous tryouts this month (Landon tries out this Monday). Several situations where he'd have previously been knocked off his feet, he was able to muscle through and score --- *way* different than last season. And increased upper body strength was evident in his increased shot velocity, and ability to shoot on the run using just his arms and back. He also mentioned that his increased stamina made it easier to "run away from defenders" --- I'd never heard him use the word "stamina" before ...Anyways; just a big thanks for your work with them this summer

Landon and TJ September 22, 2015

Before I started training with Mike I was insecure about my body.
I was a little chubby in the face and the stomach.
I was eating all the wrong things and was not exercising regularly.
I had always had bad anxiety and it got worse shortly after my father passed away.
I was prescribed many medications to try to help my anxiety but none seem to work.
Over the course of the spring my sister had been training with Mike.
She told me she had never felt so healthy in her life and how a healthy diet and lifestyle has really changed her life.
Over time I noticed a drastic change in my sister’s body.
Her muscles were bigger, body leaner, and she was always happy.
She finally convinced me to try strength training with Mike.
After one training session I was hooked. As time progressed I started to see changes.
The gut that I once had was slowly getting smaller, my muscles were more noticeable, and my anxiety lessened.
I finally was starting to be happy again. I couldn’t believe how much my outlook on life had changed.

Eating healthy and working out has bad me an overall better and happy person.
All of Mike’s tips really helped me to achieve a body I’m proud of.
Mike took the time to get to know me as a person rather than just a client.
He was determined to push me until I got the results I wanted.

Thank you Mike for your time and dedication!
I’m excited to see what fitness goals I have met over the next year!

-Katelyn Gowling

October 17, 2014

Mikey D  I started training with Mike  when I was 10. Did you know he also trains kids? He was the local strength and conditioning trainer for most of  Luyaa Sports. Working with him back then was all about strength. I was the only kid who could leg press 405 lbs. I kept all he taught me through the years, and many coaches would notice how great my form was and how strong I was.

I started up with Mike  again this year. I came back from my 1st year of college and decided to work again with him before going back to 2-a-day Football conditioning at school.  Not only did I increase my strength, but I had abs in 2 weeks!  My colleges coaches were amazed at the change since last year.

Mike, I'll be back next spring!

Mikey D. Urbana, MD September 2, 2014

When I first met Mike I was young about 18/19, and I gained 5 lbs after realizing I had a eating disorder of about 500 calories a day and freaked out.

So I enlisted his help with a friend, back then it was nothing serious but man did he make my arms look diesel after a bit I soon realized that I really did not need a trainer while still wearing a size 4/6. Fast forward 8 years, earning a bachelors in business, and meeting a man that asked me to marry him. I was post college a size 16. I would attribute that to learning that beauty was not starving and having no choice but to eat because I needed the energy, oh and combined my fiancé and I gained 70lbs of relationship weight . I was 2-3 months away from my wedding and starving was no longer a solution. I reached back out to mike hoping he was still training. In 2 months,  I lost a little over 30lbs. I had to have my wedding dress sized 4 times and I got down to a size 10. Pretty amazing!

I owe it all to Mike - he knows how to motivate and hold someone accountable! Not only that he helped my now husband lose weight, and look super good, he lost 35 lbs and feels so much better!

Thank you Mike!

Jamila, Bethesda, MD I lost weight for my wedding! August 28, 2014

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If you saw me 6 months ago you would see this insecure scrawny girl. I was 90 pounds with absolutely no muscle at all and completely uncomfortable with myself. I ate junk food like it was my job, felt run down constantly and hated my weight. Fast forward to today where I actually care about my health, how I feel, and love how I look. I hated how skinny I was and honestly did not know where to start. Aside from my eating habits, I had just lost my dad and was going through a time in my life where depression was slightly setting in. This is where Mike comes in. We met at my previous job where he worked IT; we began to chat about my weight, eating habits, and overall life style. He offered to train me a few days a week and after that I was hooked. Training became my outlet, one of the only things that made me happy. I began to gain muscle I did not think was possible, my energy level was through the roof and my outlook on life was completely different. I am now 105 pounds leg pressing 615 and lifting weights I would never think twice to pick up.

I believe that I am where I am today, and feel the way I do because of the intensity and overall knowledge Mike has instructed me with. In my opinion, what separates the good trainers from the great is the trainer’s ability to turn a seemingly daunting feat into a fun, positive and motivational experience. This is what Mike brings to the table.  I thank Mike from the bottom of my heart for helping me reach goals that I never thought were possible, for sharing his knowledge, skills and talent, because I would not be where I am today without his guidance. Not only has he taught me about exercise and nutrition but what I deserve in life. I owe him so much for putting me on the right track to my new life.

I can only be excited for this amazing victory and look forward to future progress!

Megan Gowling Gaithersburg, MD August 28, 2014


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