Mikey D. Urbana, MD

Mikey D. Urbana, MD
September 2, 2014

Mikey D  I started training with Mike  when I was 10. Did you know he also trains kids? He was the local strength and conditioning trainer for most of  Luyaa Sports. Working with him back then was all about strength. I was the only kid who could leg press 405 lbs. I kept all he taught me through the years, and many coaches would notice how great my form was and how strong I was.

I started up with Mike  again this year. I came back from my 1st year of college and decided to work again with him before going back to 2-a-day Football conditioning at school.  Not only did I increase my strength, but I had abs in 2 weeks!  My colleges coaches were amazed at the change since last year.

Mike, I’ll be back next spring!

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