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Megan – Scrawny to Buff

Megan – Scrawny to Buff
August 28, 2014

If you saw me 6 months ago you would see this insecure scrawny girl. I was 90 pounds with absolutely no muscle at all and completely uncomfortable with myself. I ate junk food like it was my job, felt run down constantly and hated my weight. Fast forward to today where I actually care about my health, how I feel, and love how I look. I hated how skinny I was and honestly did not know where to start. Aside from my eating habits, I had just lost my dad and was going through a time in my life where depression was slightly setting in. This is where Mike comes in. We met at my previous job where he worked IT; we began to chat about my weight, eating habits, and overall life style. He offered to train me a few days a week and after that I was hooked. Training became my outlet, one of the only things that made me happy. I began to gain muscle I did not think was possible, my energy level was through the roof and my outlook on life was completely different. I am now 105 pounds leg pressing 615 and lifting weights I would never think twice to pick up.

I believe that I am where I am today, and feel the way I do because of the intensity and overall knowledge Mike has instructed me with. In my opinion, what separates the good trainers from the great is the trainer’s ability to turn a seemingly daunting feat into a fun, positive and motivational experience. This is what Mike brings to the table.  I thank Mike from the bottom of my heart for helping me reach goals that I never thought were possible, for sharing his knowledge, skills and talent, because I would not be where I am today without his guidance. Not only has he taught me about exercise and nutrition but what I deserve in life. I owe him so much for putting me on the right track to my new life.

I can only be excited for this amazing victory and look forward to future progress!

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