Katelyn Gowling

Before I started training with Mike I was insecure about my body.
I was a little chubby in the face and the stomach.
I was eating all the wrong things and was not exercising regularly.
I had always had bad anxiety and it got worse shortly after my father passed away.
I was prescribed many medications to try to help my anxiety but none seem to work.
Over the course of the spring my sister had been training with Mike.
She told me she had never felt so healthy in her life and how a healthy diet and lifestyle has really changed her life.
Over time I noticed a drastic change in my sister’s body.
Her muscles were bigger, body leaner, and she was always happy.
She finally convinced me to try strength training with Mike.
After one training session I was hooked. As time progressed I started to see changes.
The gut that I once had was slowly getting smaller, my muscles were more noticeable, and my anxiety lessened.
I finally was starting to be happy again. I couldn’t believe how much my outlook on life had changed.

Eating healthy and working out has bad me an overall better and happy person.
All of Mike’s tips really helped me to achieve a body I’m proud of.
Mike took the time to get to know me as a person rather than just a client.
He was determined to push me until I got the results I wanted.

Thank you Mike for your time and dedication!
I’m excited to see what fitness goals I have met over the next year!

-Katelyn Gowling

October 17, 2014

Touch to Call!