Jamila – Lost Weight for Wedding

When I first met Mike I was young about 18/19, and I gained 5 lbs after realizing I had a eating disorder of about 500 calories a day and freaked out.

So I enlisted his help with a friend, back then it was nothing serious but man did he make my arms look diesel after a bit I soon realized that I really did not need a trainer while still wearing a size 4/6. Fast forward 8 years, earning a bachelors in business, and meeting a man that asked me to marry him. I was post college a size 16. I would attribute that to learning that beauty was not starving and having no choice but to eat because I needed the energy, oh and combined my fiancé and I gained 70lbs of relationship weight . I was 2-3 months away from my wedding and starving was no longer a solution. I reached back out to mike hoping he was still training. In 2 months,  I lost a little over 30lbs. I had to have my wedding dress sized 4 times and I got down to a size 10. Pretty amazing!

I owe it all to Mike – he knows how to motivate and hold someone accountable! Not only that he helped my now husband lose weight, and look super good, he lost 35 lbs and feels so much better!

Thank you Mike!

Jamila, Bethesda, MD I lost weight for my wedding! August 28, 2014

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