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I started training with Mike Herman when I was 17 and I’m not exaggerating when I say that he has changed my life.

I was an overweight teenager getting ready to head off to college when I first met Mike.  I’d never really played sports and I didn’t know a thing about what to eat.  I needed to lose about 40 lbs.  Within two months of working out with Mike and following his eating plan, I lost 30 lbs, built a lot of lean muscle and started to realize that I actually had some athletic ability.

Not only was I feeling great, but I was also having a blast working out! I would go to his gym just to hang out sometimes.  There’s probably just as much laughter as there is weight lifting in any session with Mike, he really knows how to make it all fun and motivate you to push yourself.

As I said, Mike Herman changed my life – when I went away to college, I didn’t gain the freshman 15 and I maintained a healthy lifestyle all based around what I learned from Mike.  Without him, I most likely would have gotten heavier and more unhealthy in college and who knows where I’d be now.  Now, 9 years later, I’m 26 and can’t imagine a life without working out.  I’ve kept the weight off for nearly a decade and I owe it all to Mike. Angela before1Angela Now

Angela LaPointe September 22, 2015

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