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Why is Flexibility So Important?

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Flexibility is Extremely Important When it Comes to Training and Your Health.  

    If you’re like a lot of people who exercise and try to lead a healthy lifestyle, you might be forgetting something that’s vitally important to your overall health:

Stretching & Flexibility!

It’s important to stretch so you can attain full range of motion in any given muscle joint relationship.  There are so many benefits to stretching before, during, and after exercising that it should be considered a regular part of your training.  One such benefit of stretching: Developing fuller, more attractive muscles! 

Flexibility is also important because it increases your range of motion, which decreases the risk of injury.

For example, let’s focus on your hamstrings for a moment.  If your range of motion is limited, and you can’t bend your torso more than 90 degrees towards your feet when your legs are straight, then if you surpass 90 degrees when you fall, you will most likely pull your hamstring, or worse, rupture it.  So it’s imperative that you practice good stretching techniques so you might achieve full range at any given joint. 

Another benefit to stretching: Good posture & good attitude!

You’ve seen them. Slouchers. People who walk, sit, and move with their head down, shoulders slumped, and just basically bad posture.  How do you feel about people like that?  (surely you’re not one!)  Chances are, you subconsciously feel like they’re already sucking your energy away whenever you’re near one.  They tend to be negative, don’t they?  

Why is that?  Well, many studies have shown that there’s a physiological correlation between bad posture and bad attitude/low energy. When your shoulders are slumped and your head is down, how do you feel?  Chances are that it’s not good.

Now compare that with how you feel when you stand up straight, have good posture, lift your head up high and keep your back straight?  Do it now to see when I mean.  I’ll wait.

If you’re doing that now, how does it feel? Better? Are you smiling yet?

So now the important thing to recognize is that having good posture comes from strengthening and stretching the muscles that help support those areas.  And from listening the the good advice your mother gave you when she told you to “stand up straight!”

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Naturally, when it comes to stretching and training, it’s essential to make sure that you’re doing it the right way.  That’s where a qualified professional, such as a personal trainer, comes in to play.

Like anything else, if you do something wrong, the results you get could actually be bad rather than good!  So before you start contorting yourself in to a pretzel, make sure you get the right techniques and exercises to insure you’re stretching properly!

That’s where WE come in!  We’re very familiar with not only knowing but also showing you the right stretching exercises you need to do and incorporate in to your training and exercise. We promise to help make it engaging, informative, practical, and of course: Fun! (who knew?)

And we’re willing to SHOW you exactly what we mean!  

How? Give us a call to find out: We’ll give you a FREE consultation and work out to demonstrate the many benefits of flexibility & stretching and how it will make you look, act, and even feel better than you have in a long time, guaranteed!

For more information, why not simply give us a call today?

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